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"The it's so soft! And it's absolutely adorable from its floppy ears, to its tiny feet. Definitely worth the price. :)"
-Maleah, 05/31/22

"Lovely bee!
I love my Bee of the Month for January! So soft and plush, very well made!"
-Joe, 04/02/22

"I bought the Pro-life octopus and it is absolutely ADORABLE!! I also got a custom-ordered horse for my niece. My niece really likes it and it super cute and Aubrey kept in touch and helped make both orders absolutely perfect!"
Jennifer, 7/13/22

"So adorable and squishy!!!
Got one for me and one for my niece, we both love them so much!!
Aubrey was super helpful and let me customize mine to have a cute little top hat and monocle!! My niece brings hers everywhere."
-Hannah, 03/19/22

Reviews: Testimonials

"Love This
This little guy made my wife smile as soon as she saw him! Beautifully made."
-Brian, 03/07/22

"I love it!!!
This Bee is SO CUTE!! I have it on my night stand and honestly I cannot get over how cute he is! Thank you so much!!"
-Adlee. 01/18/22

"Cuter than I imagined!
He's got the little happy face, the wings, the colors... He's just so cute!"
-Jennifer, 11/17/21

"Epitome of Cuteness
It's. So. Gosh. Darn. SQUISHY!!! I love it so much (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧"
-Hannah, 03/19/22

Reviews: Testimonials
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